Beagle Puppy

Photography for Pets

Getting your beloved pet photographed is a special moment, that create lifelong treasures for you to hold onto. So bring your pet along to capturing your moments photography and we can create this special images for you.

One of our main studio sessions are for our furry friends, many pet photography sessions are held within our studio which we are well equipped for and experienced in dealing with and photographing pets.

Just like babies, pets can be unpredictable and only do what they want to do. However thats not an issue when you're having a shoot with capturing your moments photography due to the fact that we have a relaxed approach and flexible with time and will allow owners to bring their favourite treats, toys or something that will be comfort to then as we want to keep them relaxed and calm throughout the shoot. As well as allowing time for breaks. This will give you peace of mind that you will get quality images no matter what.

Please contact us and feel free to discuss what sort of images you would like as well as what type of animal you would like photographed we can arrange a time suitable for you and book a package perfect for your individual needs and pet.

Christmas Bulldogs
Pug Closeup